Join Us for a Friday Funday…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwhite moth sugar hall copy tiff coverFri 7 March
2.30 p.m.   The Fearless Feminist Spot: Melissa Benn
What Should We Tell Our Daughters? The new book by journalist, novelist, and writer on socio-political topics Melissa Benn raises compelling questions about how we raise our girls. She will be interviewed by Julie Morgan, Wales Assembly Member for Cardiff North.
4 p.m.   Florilingua: Shani Rhys James
An interview with one of Wales’ foremost modern painters by the writer Francesca Rhydderch. Rhys James has commissioned work by four writers inspired by the colourful canvases of her Florilingua exhibition. Readers include Jasmine Donahaye, Amy Wack and actress Helen Griffin.
7 p.m.   The ‘Woman Writer’: Lennie Goodings
The publisher of Virago Press will give the xx keynote speech on women and publishing, then answer questions from Cardiff author and University of Southampton lecturer Carole Burns.
8.30 p.m.   Cardiff Literary Salon
A special edition of Cardiff Literary Salon takes to the stage for xx. Fiction will be our hot topic with readings and discussion from novelist and former Hay Festival International Fellow Tiffany Murray (Sugar Hall, Seren, 2014) and a showcase of bright new talents Carly Holmes (The Scrapbook, Parthian, 2014), Georgia Carys Williams (Second-Hand Rain, Parthian, 2014), and Rhian Elizabeth (Six Pounds, Eight Ounces, Seren, 2014). We will also be treated to a set from Hail! The Planes, a Cardiff-based band creating intricate and melodic music with elements of folk and post-rock as vocals, electric guitar and violin interweave. For this performance core members Holly Müller and David Neale offer a stripped-back, intimate incarnation of their recent EP ‘Send A Signal To Me, Love’ and other material. Hosted by Parthian Books’ editor Susie Wild.

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